December 5, 2010


Boy, am I tired. I have been involved in Britain’s Seven Years War and wow; I honestly do feel proud of myself. As we all know, William Pitt the Elder leads Britain, and although we were losing to those bloody Frenchmen in the beginning, through the fine leadership of William Pitt, he lead us to victory and finally defeated the French. Along with the help of General James Wolfe, the British army defeats the French fleet. I know most of you may already know this story, it still feels great to retell this story. ANYWAYS, I wanted to make this post to rage about the Scottish prime minister, John Stuart as one of the heads of the government. I didn’t really like him, so I started a weekly publication, The North Briton, to speak out against him. You guessed it; I’m always getting into some trouble. I was charged with criminal offense against the useless George III on his speech about the Treaty of Paris. I seriously thought his speech was a bunch of rubbish written by the traitor, Bute. I guess I should fill you guys in about Bute, huh? I have a concept- I believe that Bute betrayed England by agreeing to peace terms with our sworn enemy, France, in order to end the Seven Years War. So anyways, our King George III felt like I insulted him and he ordered some of his men to arrest me, along with 49 other people. At court, I was protected from any sort of torture or jailing by the Court of Common Pleas. This plea allowed me to receive immunity becasue I was a member of the Parliament.  The fact that I got by still relieves me because if I weren’t to be let go, I would have never restored my seat as a fellow of the Royal Society. To show how much my accusers disgust me, I sued my arresters for trespass. HA ! Okay, Peace out everybody !

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  1. J Weeeezyyy.
    I admire your creative name Mr. John Wilkes. It is so interesting to acquire knowledge about your involvement in the Seven Years War. It is a very good feeling to have victory in the war. Although we fell behind the French for a while, I am sure we will have success! I see you have also worked with William Pitt the Elder. He is indeed a good leader, and in fact, he gave me a promotion in the Seven Years War.
    I hope all goes well with your charges against Mr. Bute and i support you in your weekly publications!
    -James Wolfe